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Imagine coming home to find a beautifully new kitchen, a spacious family room, a modern bathroom, or an additional bedroom that will enhance your living space for you and your family. Collaborate with our expert builders at Ocon Building Group, a top-rated new home construction company in Melbourne, and make these dreams a reality.

Undertaking a new home building project can greatly increase the value of your property and set you on a path towards prosperity. Whether you’re considering adding a second story or improving the ground floor, Ocon Building Group can bring your vision to life. We listen carefully to your needs and plan, develop and create a new home building project that fits seamlessly with your current and future lifestyle.

Ocon Building Group is widely recognised as one of the leaders in new home construction in Melbourne.

New Home Building Service

Residential New Home Builds

At Ocon Building Group, we understand that sometimes your home requires a complete transformation. That’s where our new home builders come in.

Building your new home can be a great way to bring in modern and vibrant energy without needing massive construction work. A home makeover during a new home build can keep your living space up to date with the latest trends while also accommodating your family’s changing needs.

Just like any prised possession, homes require more than just regular maintenance as time goes by. Your home has significant financial value and plays a crucial role in your everyday life. Not only does it contribute to your financial assets, but it should also align with your lifestyle.

When it comes to building your new home, there are a range of options available, from minor updates to complete overhauls that can transform the layout and feel of your space.

We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting projects to express our creativity and commitment to our craft.

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